Penitent Personnel: When the customer deserves an apology

Q: Should an apology regarding rude behavior from an employee of a business to a customer be written or verbal?

A: It depends on the circumstances. If this behavior is known by management and it would be wise to let them know that the apology is being given, then it would be written and they would be copied on the letter. If it is not a matter of a reprimand and there is not a need to make it known, than a verbal apology should be fine.


    • Joanna

      I always like to, at work, even if no response is required – simply to let the person know that I did receive the message. For instance, in my job I often get email requests for files to be sent to other departments. I will always respond in some way, even if it’s just to say, “On its way!”

    • Jody

      It depends. If somebody is asking me for something (or to do something, at work) I’ll at least do a quick response so they know I’ve gotten the request. If it’s just a note letting me know about something I might wait until I have time to respond in detail (if it even calls for a response). If it’s an invitation to a party or other event, I respond as soon as I know whether I can attend.

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