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  1. Nancy

    I have a quandary and would like some guidance, and thank in advance for your answer.

    My daughter-in-laws’ best friend is getting married. I would like to give her a gift even though I was not invited to her bridal shower, which my daughter-in-law is hosting this weekend. I have known her for 7 years and consider her part of my extended family as she is often in attendance at family gatherings. I understand not being included in the wedding but somewhat puzzled that I was not invited to her shower. Nonetheless, she is a lovely girl and I would like to give her something to wish her well, etc. My question is, should I drop it off at my daughter-in-laws’ house for the shower or send it to her directly, in which case I have to request her address from my daughter-in-law?

    Thank you,


    • Alicia

      It is very correct that given your not being invited to the wedding that you are not invited to the wedding shower. It would have been rude to invite you to the shower without being invited to the wedding. You are lovely to send a gift. It is appropriate either to have daughter give it at the shower or to send it. However I would send it as separated from the flury of gifts at the shower it will make a better impact.

      • I agree with Elizabeth, send the gift in congratulations of her wedding. Sending it as a shower gift seems to say, “Even though you didn’t invite me, here’s a gift.”

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