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  1. Charilene

    I was recently invited to a cook-out by a family friend. I agreed to make a dish for the event. Upon arrival at the event, I handed my dish to a woman in the food serving area. 20 minutes later the food line opened. We were the first table to be served. I noticed my dish was not being served so I asked the woman that accepted it where it was. She told me it was in the house because they already had the same dish out being served. I told her that I changed up the recipe and wanted to taste it. She assured me she would make sure I got to taste the dish. To make a long story short, I went back 4 times over the next couple of hours. The attitude and responsesbecome a little more hostile. I’m not sure what happened to my dish. I’ve also been told that once I arrived and turned it over, that was it. My rights were gone, they could serve it or not. I disagree. What do you think?

  2. If this was a potluck, or you had been asked ahead of time to make a dish, it should have been served. If you had just brought a dish on your own without being asked for it, then it’s right that it could have been served or not at the host’s discretion.

    So in my opinion, it was rude that the dish wasn’t served, but it probably wasn’t the best idea for you to keep asking about either. And it’s always a good idea to taste a new recipe before you serve it!

    • Jo

      Agreed. While I can definitely understand why you’d be annoyed that they weren’t serving it (after all, you went to the expense and trouble of making it for that specific event, not for someone to eat at a later time or even not at all) you probably shouldn’t have asked repeatedly.

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