Mobile Manners: Cell Phone Etiquette 101

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In this bite, Daniel Post Senning author of Emily Post’s Manners in a Digital World
shares the number one etiquette mistake people make with their mobile phone!

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One Comment

  1. Michelle

    There is so much cell phone abuse in the world today.
    Some people have their phones to the ear constantly while totally oblivious to the real world.

    Recently at a quiet restaurant, a woman at the neighboring table took a call. First of all, her ringing must have set to the loudest level possible. The ringing startled many people.
    She proceeded to talk and talk about her visit to a doctor and she went on and on with the gory details of an outpatient procedure she had done the previous day. (yeah, I know allllllllllll the details of that doctor’s appointment, not by choice)
    She paid no attention to the very disturbed patrons who were glaring at her.

    I wish there was a cell phone etiquette test people would have to pass before owning a cell phone. :)
    Cell phone rudeness, be it talking or texting has gotten out of control.

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