Making Ears Ring: Bad Gossip vs. Good Gossip

Etiquette BitesTM are quick video tips on Etiquette, Lifestyle, and Relationships from The Emily Post Institute. Each bite features a Post family author offering words of advice in their area of expertise. In two minutes or less, Etiquette Bites provide the knowledge you need to mind your manners in a variety of everyday situations.


In this bite, Lizzie Post offers advice on how to tell the difference between good gossip and bad gossip, and how your common sense can help you decide.

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  1. Daniela

    I think this video is really helpful because people think gossip is always bad but they don’t know about the good gossip like me. I thought gossip could only be bad but with this I learned that when gossip is informative it is good to use in our environment.

  2. MIKE

    That’s a good way to understand what’s good gossip and bad gossip. In the past, I thought gossip was only for bad things. I have changed my mind now. It could be a good way to learn some information, like who is coming to your comunity .

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