Partaking in Prayer: Guests in your home

by epi on July 19, 2013

Q: It is our family’s custom to say grace before meals. Is it okay to say prayers when we have guests for dinner?

A: Certainly. One of the warmest gestures you can make is to include a dinner guest in a family tradition. The only exception would be if you think it might make your guest(s) uncomfortable. But you can usually put guests at easy by quietly assuring them ahead of time that they need not participate. Anyone who is nonreligious, or of a different faith, should just sit quietly during grace. Such a guest can practice “discreet non-participation” in the prayer, while still respecting the beliefs of the host and hostess.

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Tiffany August 15, 2013 at 5:15 pm

If you throw a dinner party, then leave out the prayers for the meal and instead pray prior to the party or after the party. It’s rude to put your guests in the position of having to pretend to be comfortable with your beliefs and be polite by not objecting to your prayer.

A m,ore intimate and casual affair, by all means continue with your practices.


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