1. csanchez

    My daughter is getting married in a few months, but she lives in HI. Is there an appropriate way to say that e-gifts and gift cards are preferred? This is especially because, due to her location, no bridal shower is planned at this time.

  2. Alicia

    Gifts are never mentioned. Gift info is pull not push info. If people ask what the couple would like then they may be told that money and gift cards are preferred. If they do not ask then one must simply hope that people are sensible. Many people will ship the gifts if tangible gifts directly to the home of the couple instead of bringing them to the wedding.

    I am not sure what you mean by an e- gift but the same rules apply. People may only be told when they ask.

  3. a.r. miller

    Is it customary to invite the parents of the maid of honor and/or best man at a formal wedding? Also if one is not invited but till considers oneself a close friend of the parents of the groom would sending a gift to a wedding be gauche?

    • Elizabeth

      It is not customary or required to invite the parents or the maid of honor or best man. (Many times the maid of honor or best man is a sibling, and then their parents are there by default, but if the MOH or BM is a friend – no.) Wedding presents can certainly be given even in absence of an invitation to the wedding. Some weddings are small or distant or just can’t accommodate everyone. If you have warm feelings for the bride or groom and want to give them a present, you may certainly do so.

    • Alicia

      Sending a gift is never gauche. One would not expect the parents of the maid of honor or best man to be invited unless they were family or very close to the bride or groom. I’ve been a maid of honor 7 times and the only 2 times my folks were invited was when it was my sisters weddings. Never for the 5 friends.

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