1. Jennifer O

    What is good illness etiquette?

    I have two very young children (2.5 years and 4 months) and a very large extended family with a lot of older children. I am always very careful about not sharing our colds/viruses if we have any, and I wish my family would do the same, but they do not. I am getting to a point where I feel rude asking them to keep their illnesses away from us.

    As a mom to young children, I have a plenty of challenges and would prefer not to expose such a young child to illness. And my beliefs on building immunity is an entirely separate discussion. Please help me frame my position so I am not making anyone feel bad.

    Thank you!

  2. Lee

    My middle sister is getting married & her fiance’ wants to have the soon to be ex-husband of my oldest sister in the wedding. Their parting was not amicable & this issue has caused many heated discussions. What is the etiquette rule on this situation?

    • Alicia

      The wedding party is for the bride and groom to decide. They should pick people that they care about and have supported their relationship and they expect to continue to support their relationship. So if Groom is truly friends with soon to be ex brother in law then it is absolutely reasonable to have him in the wedding. Groom and Bride should discuss the wedding party and determine who they want and what is best for their relationships. If soon to be ex brother in law is uncomfortable he can decline to be a groomsman. Sister of the bride should no matter the situation be gracious but simply deal with other people that day.

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