1. Shelley

    When you order and pick up take-out food at a sit down restaurant, how much do you tip? I’m thinking of a mid-range family owned Italian restaurant that we usually dine in, but once in a while we want to take our dinner home. A server did have to take the order on the phone, put it in a bag, make up a check, and make the transaction when I stop in to get it. Not as much work as attending to a table for an hour or so, but still work! What percentage would I tip?

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      Etiquette does not require you to tip for food you pick up and carry out. (It may not seem fair, but the required tip if for providing sit-down service such as drink refills.) you may certainly tip if you would like to whatever you feel is appropriate.

    • Elizabeth

      I don’t tip very much at a carry-out place, such as a restaurant that does have a couple of tables but whose business is mostly carry-out.A dollar or two. I don’t tip if I go to pick up a pizza. That’s because employees of those establishments are not ‘waiters’ and aren’t compensated according to the ludicrous scheme by which servers are paid. But at a restaurant whose main business is dine-in, I would tip more, along the lines of 8-10%. That’s because, as you noted, it is a fair amount of work for a server to do uncompensated, especially when they also have tables to deal with while also packaging up your order.

    • Jody

      For me, it depends on the restaurant and who’s taking the order. At a burger joint I frequent, the bartender does the takeout orders among all his/her other duties. I usually tip 15% because the bartender has always gone the extra step to make sure my order is correct, both over the phone and in person. On occasion the bartender will give me a free soft drink while I’m waiting. For the local Thai place I frequent, I usually don’t tip — the servers do take the order but don’t do much else and they’re usually not busy when I walk in. If the server does something extra for me, I will leave a nominal tip.

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