1. Gertrude

    You can, however, control what your boss can see by making your profile “restricted”. I have done this for my coworkers, my boss, and to be honest, my parents. This way, they can’t see your “wall” and certain photos, but you are still “friends”.

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      Yes, I was once in a situation where I was Facebook friends with my boss before she became my boss. I didn’t want to unfriend her so I put her on the restricted list.

  2. Becky

    Ditto Gertrude. Facebook does give controls to set up permission levels (access to photo albums, wall post, etc.) for your “lists”. I have several lists that I regularly exclude from viewing individual posts or photos. I would really only suggest this for a more savvy/experienced fb user because if you don’t have your settings right, you may accidentally ‘expose’ yourself. You may also decline and instead invite your boss to your ‘contacts’ on LinkedIn, which a popular ‘professional’ networking site.

  3. Gertrude

    I also want to point out (a pet peeve of mine): Don’t post on Facebook what you don’t want to be public! You never know who will be your future boss or coworker. If someone posts something that you don’t want people to see, remove it, and then private message them, and kindly request that they don’t post that sort of stuff about you anymore.

    • Joanna

      Agreed! There are too many people today – especially younger ones, who have grown up with social media 24/7 and perhaps don’t truly realize all its implications – who mindlessly post every little thought that blips through their mind, every place they visit (the concept of FourSquare really makes me cringe), etc.

      But, another reason to be careful with people like a boss is that words and photos can easily be intrepreted differently by different people. One person may see a particular image as innocent, and another person may read something entirely different in it. So, it’s just better not to, IMO.

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