Children in Company: Manners in others’ homes

by epi on July 24, 2013

Q: My neighbors have invited my husband and I several times for dinner, whether it be an outdoor barbeque and bonfire in the summer or a cozy supper and movie night. We usually arrange for a babysitter to come and watch our children while we are out, but for the first time, our neighbors extended the invitation to include the kids as well. We are excited, but also curious as to how we should prepare our kids for being a visitor in someone’s home. Do you have any suggestions?

A: How exciting! Your neighbors sound accommodating and welcoming, and it was very thoughtful of them to include your children in the fun as well. First and foremost, brief your kids on what you expect of them when you visit. Once they know what will be expected of them, make sure you set a good example; when you pick up and help in the kitchen, they’re more likely to do the same – even if you need to remind them. Reinforce the ideas of respecting others’ property and privacy and always lead by example.

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