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  1. Joanna

    I had a “friend” (not so much, but really an acquaintance, who is close to some of my close friends) who always came happily to parties at my home, often even bringing along uninvited friends of her own (not a boyfriend or anything, but rather, random people, like a co-worker…) Even though it’s a custom in our circle to bring something, she never did. Meanwhile she never, ever, not even ONCE, invited anyone to her own home.

    Finally I just stopped inviting her, waiting to see what would happen. She not only didn’t invite me afterward, but basically never contacted me in any way either, not even when she knew I was injured seriously and all our friends came by to see if I needed anything. Thus, that gave me the answer that she was not just a “goer” but a “user.”

    If LW truly cares about his/her friends and doesn’t want to lose them, definitely, have them over at least once, or else take them out, something to show it.

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