1. It is unacceptable for a boss to text message an employee. Text messages are reserved for friends & loved ones – NOT for a professional relationship! It is crossing boundaries for an employer to resort to yet another way of reaching an employee. They already have access to employees via email, instant messaging & phone calls – why do they need to take over a fun communication tool & turn it into a commanding tool? A co-worker (who is not my friend) text messaged me at 7:51am this morning about a Black Friday project. I was asleep at the time but woke up with a smile, thinking it was a friend sending me a message. My smile faded when I saw who it was from. It is completely inappropriate to wake an employee during sleep hours & resorting to this underhanded tactic. I switched off my phone & went back to sleep, logging on to my computer at the established work starting hour of 9am. It is important to set the standard that this is not okay, which is the reason I chose to switch off my phone. Am I the only person who feels this way? Back me up here, please.

  2. Robin M

    While I do agree that texting for work situations should not be the first means of contacting and employee/employer, I think it depends on the type of person you are trying to reach. I think it is important to ASK before you assume that it is ok to text, so as not to cause problems (such as disturbing sleep hours), but I think in some situations it could be faster and more efficient to shoot off a quick message that you know they will receive faster than an email; or if there is a situation where you are unable to call, and need to speak with the certain person immediately. If it is an extremely important and/or formal topic, then a phone call or email may be better suited, but if it is a quick question that can be answered in short, and both persons have agreed that texting is appropriate, then I feel it is ok. But definitely not as an all day everyday, every situation form of contact.

  3. Raj

    I personally believe texting is a very unprofessional way of communication between an employer and employee. I would never respond to a text from my boss as there should be a boundary between work and personal business. What’s so difficult about sending a email anyways? With smartphones everyone has email account set up right to their phone.

  4. vijay

    hi this is vijay ….. i am in defence and my boss who is my officer usually messages me on social messaging applications…. but he seeks etiquette in messages….. i mean i am not being taught by any school or institution regarding the same… i was just surfing on net to look out for same but was unable to find such related stuff. … if anyone knows etiquette to message boss please …. do a favor by letting me know…

    • kelly

      i was directly reprimanded by my superior about my texting etiquette.apparently,you have to use formal language and avoid texting outside the working hours.And remember,be very polite and make it as respectful as possible.

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