Candid Comments: Teaching kids what is hurtful

by epi on July 18, 2013

Q: Help! Yesterday, my young son pointed to a man at the grocery store and yelled, “Look at his big, fat belly, Mommy!” I was mortified and at a complete loss for words knowing the man must have heard what he said, but I just shuffled away and avoided the situation. What can I do if this happens again?

A: Ah, the candor of children! Calmly tell your son to quiet down and then apologize for him to the other shopper. Later, explain to your child that he shouldn’t say things that hurt other people’s feelings.

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Heather July 21, 2013 at 3:38 pm

My son isn’t quite two yet, but for the first time this week, he pointed to someone and announced “Glasses!” It was so benign (both his parents wear glasses), but I definitely had a flash-forward realization that in a very short amount of time he’ll be noticing and commenting on things more often. I’m sort of dreading it!


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