1. Lilli

    I agree completely. I would add that it’s best to leave your disapproval of their living situation out of it. I would also suggest the rule be the same for other couples you have visiting to make it easier on yourselves. You can say matter-of-factly that you do not allow unmarried couples to sleep in the same bed at your house, period. It’s not a specific reflection of your feelings toward your son and his girlfriend, it’s just house rules.

  2. LJL

    My father’s solution was to offer to take our bags up to the room for us. He place my bag in my room, my sweetie’s in another. Problem solved. We got the message and have enough respect for my parents to abide by their rules when we are in their house.

    • Heather

      I really like this! Sent the message without having an awkward conversation.

      I’m sure this couple already knows whether their son is the type to quietly take the suggestion, or the type to stubbornly move his bags where he wants them! If the latter, they will unfortunately have to talk it through ahead of time.

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