1. Nancy

    Hello Ms. Post,
    Thank you for reading my question to you.
    Recently, I sent a graduation present with cash to a niece, two birthday presents to a nephew, a present for a nephew’s first communion and another present to my child’s teacher. Guess how many thank you notes I received from the receivers of these gifts? None. Am I old-fashion to expect to receive an acknowledgement of some kind? It takes time and money to purchase these gifts. There is also the time I spent waiting in line at the post office.
    Would it be acceptable to send the amount of money I would have spent on gift to a charity instead?
    Next time, I could send a card with a donation receipt for the charity.
    Please give me your advice. Thank you.

    • Alicia

      Yes you should have been sent thank you notes. Then look at the kids and ask have they been taught to send thank you notes? Do they know to do so or how to do so. I know my grandma one year started a tradition that at christmas she gave each of her grandkids stationary and stamps and instruction that this was for our thank you notes for gift and she helped us write the notes. So I admit there were years that people got thank you notes on cabbage patch stationary but it taught the habbit. If kids have not been taught they will not know. So before you give up on the kids give them a gift for the next event of stationary and stamps and give it to them as something to write their thank you notes on. That should get the hint across that thank you notes are expected. That said you are never under any obligation to give gifts at all so you can stop doing so for whatever reason you make the choice but this should be unrelated to any worthwhile charitable donations you make.

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