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  1. Not only should we consider vegetarian diets or low-carb but what about us with diabetes type II? And the elderly that need to live a low-sodium and low-cholesterol diet. Our population is aging; yet it seems they are a forgotten group at most restaurants all over the country. When we have house guests and one is restricted to meat for health reasons, not by choice, I do prepare the entire dinner vegetarian as all will benefit from it. Some others don’t do it and that one person I’ve seen sitting there at the table and eating his own salad that he carried; no entrée. That should not happen that one is singled out.
    At one time Neiman Marcus was offering heart healthy food on their menu but they quit after a brief period. WHY?
    We should raise a lot more awareness for this!
    Thanks for always finding great topics of discussion.
    Mariette’s Back to Basics

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