1. Joanna

    Personally, I wouldn’t say “Let’s not talk about it,” even if that’s your aim, simply because such a statement tends to bring more attention to the subject, or even worse, implies that the story is somehow shameful.

    In today’s world, meeting online is really no big deal, so personally, I would have no problem saying that’s how it happened. But if the couple agrees that they don’t want to tell people that, then they should have some kind of mutually agreed upon little story, e.g. “Oh, we met through a friend,” or some such. It doesn’t have to be any big thing, just enough to get people off their backs.

  2. R.

    Today’s question is exactly our situation. My now husband and I met through an online dating site back when it was a rare thing. Some people know that’s how we met, especially since it is now commonplace and not looked upon poorly. Back then and with the older generation, we used the “mutual friends” line. No one needed to know that the mutual friends were the computers of the dating site. :)

    I think saying “let’s not talk about it” would draw much more attention. Just make sure both of you are giving the same answer and after a little while, the topic won’t even come up once you two are an established couple.

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