1. Dee Johnson

    Recently I was at a party getting ready to leave when I saw that the hostess (my sister in law) was talking to a group of people. I felt that I should say goodbye and I did, however later on I wondered if I had done the wrong thing, as I believe I interrupted a conversation in which she was involved. What would have been the best way to handle the situation?

    • Cyra

      It was definitely right of you to say good-bye to your hostess. If she was deep in a serious conversation it would have been polite for you to wait for a break, but if she was just in general party-style conversation I think it was perfectly fine for you to come up and say, “I’m so sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to say thank you for this lovely party” as long as you didn’t then keep her out of her conversation for the next ten minutes.

  2. Sienna

    After a lengthy courtship, my boyfriend and I recently got engaged! The response from our friends and family has been fantastic — they’re just as thrilled as we are — however, a few people have made comments along the lines of ‘it’s about time!’ or ‘what took him so long?’ How should we respond to these snide comments?

    • Since those comments are incredibly rude, you could choose to just ignore them. Put a shocked look on your face for a moment, then change the subject!

    • Elizabeth

      The aspect of “what took him so long” that I would most take issue with is the implication that it was solely your fiance’s decision whether to marry you, and you were just waiting the whole time for him to pop the question. Therefore, I would say, “Oh no, it was a joint decision!” or, “No, we decided together actually…”

      With respect to “it’s about time!” I would just say, “Well, we weren’t on a timetable…” or “We weren’t in any rush…” I also like Alicia’s idea of phrasing it in the positive “Actually the timing suited us perfectly!”

      However, if you don’t want to engage these comments, the best thing to do is ignore them.

  3. The above question about Boorish behavior got perfectly answered. AMEN to that. Discipline is always harder to follow through with when setting certain standards for young people; but it is the only way to go! Trying to be popular and creating an ‘easy living’ will work as a boomerang in the end.
    Great subject!

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