1. Vanna Keiler

    With friends like these…I like the suggestion above, but think it is a little meek in the response. A direct approach in thinking about this situation is more in order. In my opinion, the guests are suffering from a lack of gratitude, and were it my situation, I would go ahead and pay them as they requested, then reconsider inviting them ever again in the future. If they ask about it in the future, feel free to let them know that hosting four people four a long weekend turned out to be more costly and energy-draining than you anticipated, and probably will not happen in the future (at least for them). Perhaps inviting more grateful and less entitled individuals/couples is the way to go from now on.

  2. jordi

    I agree with Vanna; I would have paid them and then not invited them again. It certainly does seem that they were ungrateful and I would not subject myself to that situation again.

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