1. Jody

    This isn’t really an etiquette question (I think) but more whether this is OK or a bit “over the top.” I currently have physical therapy twice a week; this has been going on for a month and will likely continue for a couple more months. Occasionally I’ll bake on the weekend and was thinking of bringing a plate of cookies into the physical therapy office for the staff to share. Do you all think that would be OK or would that be a bit much?

    • Chocobo

      As someone who once worked in a doctor’s office, I will say that such a gesture is both normal and welcome. We loved our patients who would come in with their banana bread or tin of cookies, and I expect went out of our way a bit more for them too.

    • Lilli

      I think it’s a lovely gesture, but just be sure the staff are allowed to accept food gifts. During cold and flu season my doctor’s office has a sign that says they are unable to accept gifts of food. Personally – it seems over the top germaphobic to me, but it’s their rule.

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