1. Winifred Rosenburg

    I have to say I think not handwriting anything on a holiday card seems to defeat the purpose to me. Holiday cards are supposed to be an indication that even if you hardly see this person he or she took a little time to think of you while writing out a card. If there’s nothing handwritten the person might not have thought of you at all and instead had a computer do it for them! I think at a minimum people should handwrite whom it’s for, whom it’s from, and a short message like “Happy Holidays!” (Exception for those with arthritis and other ailments that make handwriting difficult/painful.)

  2. Elizabeth

    I’ve noticed a trend where families are no longer sending out folded cards, but rather something more like a postcard, though it still comes in an envelope. The card is designed for them, and often includes photos of the family, young kids and/or pets, and includes a holiday greeting. These never include signatures – the paper itself, as a kind of glossy photo paper, would not allow it. I don’t think these are rude, I like seeing the pictures. It would be odd, though, to get a more generic card with a pre-printed family name.

    • Rachel

      I send those, Elizabeth, but I also always write something on the back. I’m one of those people who tends to write a Christmas Letter, too, and I really want to make sure people know I’m thinking specifically of their family when I mailed the card. There have been years, though, with small children, when I didn’t personalize. I love getting any cards, but I like to read something about the family or a note whenever possible.

      • Sara

        I think the thought is what counts with Christmas/holiday cards. A nice photo card is lovely! I save these cards and toss most of the others. It personally doesn’t bother me that they do not hand write their signatures as it wouldn’t look very good on most of these type cards I’ve seen. I have two children under three and Christmas cards would not be sent out at all if I wrote on every one of them! We’ve noticed that fewer people are taking the time and expense to send holiday cards these days so we appreciate the gesture. Of course it is more meaningful to receive a handwritten note and/or letter. However, some of the Christmas letters we get are rather boastful. I think you have to strike the write note of gratitude, humility, etc. and not just say “look at all the fabulous stuff we did this year!”

  3. Cyra

    I think there absolutely needs to be something handwritten. Even if it’s just a signature, even if it’s on the back of a picture card, spending the 2 seconds to actually sign your name shows that you find me worth that time.

    I actually have mixed feelings about Christmas letters. It is nice to know about big events in people’s lives, but it also seems like people who are truly interested in your life will keep in touch in one of they myriad of ways available to us now and will already know about those things…so I’m not sure how useful they are.

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