1. Joanna

    Whether it’s another person treating me, or a company expense account, I’ve always tried to adhere to economy. IMO it doesn’t matter who’s paying for it, simply that it’s not me, and thus I owe it to them not to be greedy.

  2. Brockwest

    This person has committed professional Darwinism. Their actions were certainly noted by everyone and their chance to continue succeeding in their business has diminished.
    One should certainly follow the example of the host. If the host orders a basic salad, then you order a basic salad. If the host orders a fancy meal, then you order a fancy meal, but always something less than the host, unless the host urges you to try a certain dish, or states that they are on a diet, but please enjoy.
    Drinking more than your companions is a huge red flag to company seniors. It is not unusual in companies to purposefully take note of what one orders and drinks at dinner, as a manner of judging the worthiness of that individual to advance.
    In a work setting dinner, even the actions of one’s own guest is judged.
    In the old time military world as well as business world, one’s entire family’s actions were part of the assessment.
    One of the problems with being the only one to order dessert, it prevents the rest of the table from finishing and leaving if that is the desired plan.
    Social graces are one of the subtle ways of finding if a prospect to climb the social ladder is ready.

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