1. M

    Two thoughts- 1) get a copy of his book bound in leather (may be prohibitively expensive, I’m not sure). 2) Have a copy of his book donated to a library. When you do this, you can sometimes include an note on the donation plaque like “In honor of a wonderful professor.” Depending on the nature of his book, it might be nice to donate it to a high school library or some other place that may not be able to afford lots if new specialty books. Or maybe your high school’s library or his high school’s library.

  2. Former grad student

    If money is a concern, an engraved pen would be a thoughtful gift that would be cherished and that would probably fall within your budget.

    • Alicia

      I would not think that a gift is required at all. But what you may consider doing is getting a bunch of the department together for a cake and get a cake at the grocery store with a picture of the book on top of it. Most grocery stores now have this thing where they can make a picture cake.

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