Best Man 101

by Daniel Post Senning on May 20, 2013

Q: I’m the best man at my friend’s wedding and just got back from a bachelor party which I threw. What else do I need to do before the wedding next weekend? Is there a summary for best men?

A: The responsibilities of the groom’s honor attendant include serving as his official witness and signing the requisite papers, and keeping a checklist with or for him of the things that need to be done. If there is a head usher, and he is responsible, he can take care of making sure all the ushers have their attire and have transportation to be where they have to be on time. If there isn’t, this might be one of your jobs. You make sure the groom has all his attire together, safeguard the wedding ring, and serve as his best friend.

If the wedding is later in the day, you might make sure the groom has company and that he eats something, that his bags are packed and transportation arranged for his honeymoon, if he is taking one right after the wedding. At the reception you would be sure that he has something to eat and drink. Usually, the groom’s best man is the one who proposes the toast at the reception, so you would prepare a toast, and talk with the bride’s mother and the club manager or whomever is in charge about when you will give your toast, working it out with the DJ or band leader if there are either, to call everyone to attention while you propose your toast. Before your toast, you would read any messages that have been delivered. You might also be asked to introduce the clergyperson who would offer a blessing.

You would help the groom get ready to leave if he is changing before he leaves the reception, and then you would take charge of his wedding clothing, returning it for him if it is rented. There may be other things that the groom needs assistance with, so you should have a conversation with him a few days before the wedding to discuss his needs or expectations.

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