Your Children as Guests to Other Families

by Daniel Post Senning on May 17, 2013

Q: My daughter has been invited to an out of town graduation ceremony. The fellow’s parents are friends of our friends and our children met casually as a result of this. His parents are driving my daughter to the resort, which is about five hours away from our home. They are staying for three nights. During the stay, they will inevitably be going out for meals. What is the appropriate way for my daughter to handle the bills at the restaurants?

A: Traditionally the parents who are hosting your daughter’s stay should pay for her meal expenses. If she feels comfortable in stating ahead of time that she would like to pay for her own meal, the waitstaff can make up a separate bill for her expenses for her to pay separately.

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Elizabeth May 17, 2013 at 10:42 am

I think it’s pretty dangerous to assume that the parents would be paying for anything. If it were a younger child, it would be appropriate for the parents to talk in advance of the trip so that there’s a clear understanding of who’s paying for what. But because this is a teen, if I were the teen’s parent, I would insist that my kid talk to her friend/friend’s parents in order to clarify the situation in advance. Finally, I would definitely send her with some extra money in case something happened.


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