1. Christina Fairlie

    My son is retiring in October. They only have 1 extra bedroom and both his dad and I plus my daughter-in-law may have her mom and dad also attending, in addition my mother may be joining us. Should we plan on getting a hotel room?

    • Cyra

      Has your son invited you to stay at his house? If so, then the people who were invited can choose to accept or decline. If not, then you definitely should plan on making your own arrangements.

  2. elaine huey

    Dear etiquette daily

    We 5 sisters are at odds over what happened at the baby shower given by our 4th
    sister for her daughter. We 4 sisters decided to take a picture of all 5 of us
    towards the end of the shower. After the shower we learned that our 4th sister
    was upset about this, saying the we should not have tried to do a reunion
    (by taking the photo) during her baby shower. (We 5 sisters do not see each other too often) She said it would have been more
    appropriate to do this photo, perhaps after the shower had ended. What is the proper
    etiquette regarding this? Thank you.

    • Alicia

      Yes it would have been better to do so after the shower but as long as you did not make a big deal about it at the time or interupt the shower for it then this picture is no different then any other group of guests picture and totally fine. If sister did not want it done during the shower when asked to join the picture should have said hey lets do the family photos after everyone else leaves.

      • Joanna

        I agree – it’s not uncommon to have various configurations of relatives posing for photos at any event, since as you mentioned, many times they don’t often seen one another EXCEPT at said events.

        Plus, it’s not necessarily just a “reunion” for you sisters – it can also be a lovely picture of a moment in time for Baby. Who’s to say that all 5 of you will be around til she or he is old enough to have a relationship with you? Even if you are, it’s still nice to have that moment preserved, a look back at your close relatives and the way they looked at the time of your birth. Who would argue with that??

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