1. Pam

    I am paying for my daughters wedding and am divorced. Her father has only paid for the dj. I have a problem paying forty five dollars a plate for him his wife all his other children and friends. Is it rude to ask him to at least cover that?I’m 11,000 into this wedding and miffed he won’t help more.

    • Alicia

      Yes it is rude to ask people to pay for an event. Even for the father of the bride to be asked by the mother of the bride to pay for the wedding. The only ones obligated to pay for the wedding are the bride and groom. That you are being generous with your daughter and soon to be son in law is lovely and generous but no using the wedding to deal with old grudges.

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      I agree with Alicia. However, I don’t really understand the need to invite parents’ friends who do not have a relationship with either the bride or groom to weddings. You may consider cutting friends from the list to save money (both your friends and his) and either you or your daughter can explain you are aiming for a more intimate wedding where all the guests are family or good friends of the bride and groom.

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