• Alicia

      There are no rules. The attendants need only be close enough to the bride and groom that they are desired and would view it as an honor not a hassle to dress up in the attire and do the attendant aspects. You can have bridesmen or groomsmaids. You can have married or single people. You can have lots of attendants(This does up cost and decrease honor) or none. You can have uneven numbers on the bride and groom side. It is up to the bride and groom and those who they ask to be wedding attendants.

  1. Dan Barfield

    So, one would be correct in assuming that it would not be in poor taste to ask the brother of the groom to be a groomsman without asking the sister of the groom to be an attendant?

    • Alicia

      It would not be in poor taste. However that does not mean that the sister of the groom might not have her feelings hurt for not being asked to be either a groomsmaid or bridesmaid. It is perfectly within ettiquette but that does not mean that feelings may not be hurt and it may be worth asking just for family harmony. But nobody should ever feel that they are automatically supposed to be a wedding attendant.

    • Elizabeth

      I just wanted to add that it is totally possible to have the sister of the groom stand up as a groomswoman and not as a bridesmaid (if that is a concern for you).

    • Lady Antipode

      All other things being equal (that is, there are no other issues with the lady in question), it might alleviate her feelings if you ask her to do a reading or some other special thing at the wedding itself.

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