1. mj

    A few months ago, a friend sent a “save the date” email for an event for one of her children. Now two weeks before this event, I have not received a real invitation. Is it improper to schedule something else for that day?

    • Jody

      That’s a tough question. I know I’ve seen a response to a similar question here but I can’t remember where.

      I think that if you received a “save the date” it’s safe to assume you were invited to the event. I’d get in touch with your friend, mention the “save the date” and note that you’re checking to see if the event is still on so you can finalize your plans. If the event has changed it’s a perfect opportunity for your friend to let you know. If invitations haven’t yet been mailed your friend can let you know that as well; if they’ve been mailed it’ll let your friend know that yours has been lost in transmission. If your friend tells you that the event will no longer take place on that date, or if she doesn’t return your calls/emails to let you know what’s going on, I’d say it’s perfectly fine to schedule something else.

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      If you have not responded saying you will be going (which you are not required to do with a save-the-date), you are free to schedule something else that day.

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