Company Collateral: When someone at work asks you to ‘keep quiet’

by epi on April 11, 2013

Q: My husband just walked in on a company executive and a female employee, in a compromising position, on company property. The man has asked my husband not to talk of the event, but my husband is concerned for his career. He wonders if he should mention it to his boss as ‘insurance’ should this man take action against him in the future. My husband had immediately left the area as soon as he realized what had been going on, but the man approached my husband later to make his request. How should my husband handle the situation?

A: Assuming that your husband agreed to the executive’s request, he would be breaking his word to mention the incident to his boss. Even if he didn’t, saying something to his boss could be perceived as ‘tattling’ or even blackmail as opposed to insurance. Hopefully, the incident won’t jeopardize your husband’s career. Even if the executive takes some action in the future, mentioning the incident to his boss now might not make any difference. Therefore, we would recommend your husband not mention the incident to anyone.

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