1. Rebecca

    I kiss my father, uncles, grandparents etc. just like I did when I was a kid. It doesn’t seem weird, I adore these people.

  2. Brockwest

    Kissing a family member in those families who feel comfortable with kissing, is fine.
    Kissing female friends is not. He is married to you. Just because he has gotten away with kissing your female friends does not mean that all of them are comfortable with his actions. Most people who are uncomfortable with the kiss probably don’t want to cause a problem so keep quiet about it.
    The biggest problem in this situation is that you have expressed Your uncomfort with this, and he is not respecting you.

  3. Vanna Keiler

    My, what a predicament! This husband has gotten away with this behavior due to the “shock value” of demanding a kiss when he meets the female friend/family and catching everyone off-guard. I bet there is an ever-increasing list of resentful/annoyed/disgusted/sympathetic/offended/gossiping friends and family growing. There may be several solutions to this problem if I may suggest: Intense marriage counselling. Staging a mock-kiss with a male counterpart to demonstrate how ridiculous his behavior is. Group intervention? What it ultimately boils down to, however, is that the spouse feels it is inappropriate and is highly uncomfortable with it, and wants the behavior to stop—so it should.

  4. Wesley

    Interesting comments. I am a divorced male and am always pleasantly surprised how many females both married and unmarried inside the family and out initiate a kiss on the lips when we greet each other. I am not complaining but thought I should present the other side of the story.

  5. Sunny

    Your husband needs to learn about appropriate boundaries. This is not just about manners. He may not have had appropriate examples in his family of origin.

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