1. Gertrude

    I just (an hour ago) got home from a very successful interview, at a very kind, ethical company, interviewing for my dream job. I got the job, and I couldn’t be happier. The format of the interview was that I met with a different person of the hire committee every 45 minutes to be a total of roughly 12 people (I am so tired). There are 2 people heading the committee. Do I write a thank-you note for each person? I am inclined to think that I should. Is it weird if the wording is very similar among the notes?

    • Scarlett

      Gertrude – Congratulations! I can understand your exhaustion and hope you were able to rest up over the weekend. I think you should definitely send a separate thank-you note to each person. The wording can be similar. After all, there are only so many variations on the theme. But taking the time to thank each person reinforces your appreciation and also shows them that even though you know you got the job, you are taking nothing for granted. :-) Best wishes! – Scarlett

  2. Christy

    You definitely should. Some of the wording will be the same but I usually include some of the specific discussion that you enjoyed the most during the conversation.

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