1. Jody

    Many stores offer additional discounts if you use their credit card. I normally use a major credit card (for the airline miles) and often the store clerk will ask me if I want to open an account. I politely decline and usually the clerk takes that answer and moves on. Sometimes, however, the clerk keeps pushing it, asking me “are you sure” 3-4 times. I try to stay polite, but after the 3rd or 4th time I end up saying “I’ve already said no, please process my sale.” Any hints on how to handle this situation? I know the clerk is only doing what store management has instructed, but I don’t like feeling harassed to open a store account.

    • Rae

      Hi Jody, I used to work summers at Sears, and they really do make the clerks ask at least twice during the checkout process. There is a cash incentive for the salesperson if they get you to open a card at the register, and they are regularly harassed by management during the day to hit a quota of new credit card subscribers. There’s often a manager hovering near the registers, and the clerk gets in trouble if they don’t say it. So, just some background, they don’t really want to ask, and they know you don’t want to be asked.

      The best thing to say is just No Thank You, at least to the clerk. You could head them off at the pass with “I really don’t want to open a card, thanks for asking.” and maybe they won’t continue to ask? But if that’s a store you shop in frequently, talk to the manager, or write them an email. They do accept customer feedback, and if it’s in person, it will probably be more effective.

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