1. K.

    After 3 interview myself at a company I was called last week by the general manager. He said discreetly that he didn’t want me to just be left hanging, so he wanted me to know that the position was mine. However he said that he was unable to officially do anything until this week after their board budget meeting (I assume to determine salary range.) He said their meeting was to be yesterday and he would let me know right after the meeting, but I have still not heard from him. I am wondering if I should call him before end of day today or should I just wait to hear from him? (Sidenote; whether smart or not I did receive another job offer last Tuesday after hearing this news which I had to turn down because I really want this job and didn’t want to string the other company along. So now I’m really needing this to come through.)

    • Elizabeth

      I think it would be best to wait a couple of days. If the board meeting was just yesterday, he could have had a busy day, or HR could be backed up getting offer letters together. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait indefinitely. I would call Friday if I didn’t hear anything. I don’t know the specifics of the other job offer (like how soon they wanted an answer), but you could have used that offer as leverage to speed the preferred company along.

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