1. Brockwest

    Wow, I’ve never heard anyone claim that hospital garb is a nightie. It’s absolutely fine for the boss or any friend to visit a willing patient in the hospital. Patient’s aren’t in nighties, they are in hospitals.

      • Chocobo

        True, they can be revealing. However, many maternity wards now allow patients to wear whatever they want, especially after the labor is over. So it is possible that she would be fully dressed by the time anyone would see her in the hospital. Either way, I agree that thinking of a johnny gown as a night gown is silly. Would it be any different to receive a visitor after she had kidney surgery, where she would be required to stay in the johnny gown? I have to have faith that the woman would not breastfeed or otherwise reveal herself in front of her boss.

        I think it really depends on the personal relationship of the boss and coworkers to this woman, more than the situation itself. Are they that close as friends? Have they visited other coworkers before in a similar situation? If not, the boss probably should not visit her and simply send his well-wishes. But if they are, then it would be appropriate.

  2. Heather

    I agree with the above; I was in the hospital for a week after giving birth. However, after a few hours I was dressed in street clothes and did not in any way appear to be undressed. Visitors, even if they were business colleagues, would not have been embarrassed.

  3. Andra

    It strikes that the larger question here may be ‘Is it okay for a husband to do something which with the wife is uncomfortable when it pertains to other women?’ If the mother in question is comfortable having her boss come visit her to the point of having requested it and your husband is willing and interested, then I think your problem is less one of etiquette and more one of negotiating marital boundaries.

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