1. scdeb

    I filled out an office sports pool as a favor to the person who was entering the pool. I also did one for myself. The person ended up winning the office sports pool. The person offered me some of the winnings but I declined mostly because I felt uncomfortable about taking any of the prize. I thought the whole thing was very funny. I thought that would be the end of things but the winner gave me flowers on the next day and then a gift of jewelry a day or two later. I thought this was very generous and unexpected and I said so. Do I now send a note of aprectiation?
    Also the jewlery was a specific type that I am unable to use. I didn’t want to point that out to the giver because it seemed awkward and rather unkind. I would like to give the jewelry item to a family member. Is it okay to mention this to the person? They have mentioned that I have not worn the jewelry. All this from one favor–I’m at a loss.

    • Alicia

      You need to either return the jewelry or send a thank you note.
      I’m wondering how big a pool results in more then enough to send flowers and jewlery.

  2. scdeb

    Thank you for your response, Alicia. As for the sports pool–was a nice windfall for this person and gave them great joy. As there were many participants it was really just a matter of pure luck which made it all such fun.

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