1. Steaming in CT

    I would like to remind brides and grooms that they are obligated to thank guests for wedding gifts. It is not an option. My husband and I attended a relative’s wedding last year and gave a generous check. A year plus later and we have received no thank you note whatsoever. This is the third such wedding we have attended in the last few years in which the brides and grooms have completely blown off their obligation. Our response now is this to wedding invitations: We do not attend. We send a card wishing them well. We no longer issue checks. I do so wish these people had a few basic manners. There is no excuse for not saying, “Thank you.”

  2. Maggie

    Amen to the thank you notes! Went to a friends wedding a year ago and never received a thank you note for a gift. This was not a young bride. Etiquette and manners seem to be going extinct.

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