1. Alicia

    I’d skip the card entirely. Sexist as this is men in general do not care about cards and as such a card would not be appreciated. Skip the sentimental and go for corny. I suggest an activity like take him out bowling or to a gun range or to an indoor climbing wall.

    • Joanna

      This! In my entire life, I’ve yet to find a man – of any age, ranging from teens to the AARP set – who would want a greeting card of his own volition. It’s always quite the chore for them, of the “Oh geez! It’s Valentine’s Day!! I gotta run to CVS, quick!!!”

      I guess it depends on your personal feelings, really. If you’re the kind of person inclined to give gifts, go for something like some chocolate – there’s basically nobody alive who wouldn’t enjoy some sweets. If you’re not, then maybe you can skip the gifts but acknowledge the holiday by suggesting the two of you enjoy dinner somewhere. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything expensive or out of the norm, just someplace nice that you both enjoy.

  2. A few years ago, I had been seeing a coworker on and off. A few days before Valentine’s Day, he dropped by the office (I was working late), and he asked if I was doing anything. I wasn’t, so he offered to take me to a Broadway show for V-Day. I paid for dinner.

    No cards were involved, no concern about gifts – just a good time.

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