Thank-you Timeliness: Sending notes

Q: My daughter had a baby shower and received a lot of nice things. She wants to send a “thank you” after the baby is born with comments about the item. However, I say she should send it now and send an announcement later. The baby isn’t due for over a month, and the shower was this past week.

A: You are correct. Notes should be written quickly, for your daughter will find herself busier than she imagines very soon now! She can always remember who gave what and share a photo or an additional thanks after the baby is born, but it would be a great idea to get those notes out within a month of the shower.


  1. Alicia

    Thank you cards should be written right away and this path of waiting till the kid is born is fraught with never sending the cards. When she is on week 3 of no sleep the last thing she is going to be wanting to do is pen lovely cards. Send cards now if she gets around to baby announcements or cute post baby cards in addition it will just be a bonus.

  2. Your answer was correct in not putting it off till the baby is finally born. Those are two separate issues too.
    These subjects are so great for sharing with your readers; thanks for keeping them coming.
    Enjoy the beginning of February…

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