1. Chris

    I am taking my rents to brunch to celebrate the “Ruby Anniversary”. That’s the 40th Anniversary. I would like to ask a few of friends to join us. The only thing is that our intentions are to only pay for my parents. How to do I ask people to join us without it sounding like an invitation. In my opinion an INVITATION is telling someone they will be treated to a meal.

    • You’re right, Chris. An invitation suggests you’ll host, which means paying for a meal. If you simply want people to join you at a restaurant, why not ask (via email, mail or telephone call) if they’ll join you? Be sure to note the average price of meals or provide a website, if it’s an unfamiliar location.
      “Dear Jane and John, as you may know, Mumsy and Daddums are celebrating 40 years! If you’re able, I hope you’ll join us in toasting to many more years together. We’re meeting at Fancy Restaurant on Number 1 Happy Street in Beautiful Town. Information: Entrees run from $20-$35, or menu at FancyRestaurant.com/menu. Let us know if you’re able to attend, and we’ll reserve a table!”

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