1. Tam h

    When I got married, I decided not to do official bridesmaids since I didn’t want to have to choose who to ask or not. I told my friends if they wanted to wear a dress that was my wedding color,money could. As you guessed, this was mostly for their sake so they wouldn’t be offended that I wasn’t having them be bridesmaids. Be open with her, you don’t want to wear the color and appear like a bridesmaid, you don’t mind that you aren’t and definitely still go tomthe wedding. Enjoy it for what it is :)

    • Alicia

      Why not just call your cousin. Explain to her that you think your mom throwing a fit is wrong and that you feel like she is likely including you out of aunt guilt. That you are happy to be just a guest and have already bought a pretty dress. That you would do anything possible for her but that you do not want both of you uncomfortable because mom is being less then gracious.

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