Hats off… or not?

Q: Is it improper for women to wear a hat indoors? (i.e. casual Friday in a business atmosphere?)

A: It depends on the hat. Neither women nor men should wear baseball caps or fishing hats or other outerwear hats indoors. If she is coordinating a hat as a fashion accessory to her ensemble she might wear it, but it is uncommon for a woman to wear a hat in an office. Whether outwear or fashion accessory, hats generally are removed in the workplace.

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  1. Certainly in the workplace or at school, college, university hats ought to be removed. The question is missing a part as it does not state if it is a formal wear or what. A hat usually reflects a more elegant and classic dress style. All royalty usually wear hats and those are not removed inside a Church or building where reception etc. is being held. But there is quite a difference between such formal millinery or Bonneterie and an ordinary baseball cap and such.
    Talking about baseball caps and such, in South America when male enter a restaurant they take their caps down. It is such a gracious movement out of respect and here in the USA we could learn a lot from them. My husband often made remarks about those keeping their baseball caps on while attending his seminars. Like they were expecting rain inside… It just shows a lack of manners.
    Keep those posts coming and maybe, just maybe we can polish up on some manners by reaching readers that have no clue or never have seen any other culture with more class.
    Mariette’s Back to Basics

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