Starving Artist: Reimbursing a friend for past wedding work

by epi on December 12, 2012

Q: We were married five years ago, and a friend and bridesmaid, who is an artist by trade, did the invitations and programs, charging us only for supplies. We are now done with all our schooling and training, and have considerably more money than we did back then, while she is still a struggling artist and graphic designer. Should we pay her for the work done back then, even though she has never asked and certainly doesn’t even expect it?

A: No, that surely was her gift to you and you would not retroactively pay her for that gift. You could hire her for other work, at full price, or simply get her a great gift that you think she would love, but you wouldn’t diminish her giving by now trying to compensate it for her because she still struggles.

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Rebecca December 12, 2012 at 9:21 am

I agree with Epi’s comments. As a struggling artist, we would much rather have more work or more clients, so have your friend design your holiday cards and tell all your friends!


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