1. Chocobo

    A coworker recently gave me a very thoughtful gift that took me much by surprise. We share a common interest in silver and she very kindly bought me a matching piece to my antique set. I was going to give some homemade cookies, but I’m unsure if that is enough considering what was given to me. What should I do?

    • Kate

      I think gift giving is one of those things that can easily escalate and get to be a burden as each party tries to “do enough”. Keeping it scaled back with a homemade gift is just fine; it’s the intent and goodwill behind the gift that is most important. Later, if you see something that you know your coworker will like, you could always pick it up for him/her–don’t just run out and buy something for the sake of buying something.

      • Alicia

        Also antique silver is lovely but it is absolutely the type of thing one can find at all sorts of price points. I know about a year ago I found a few pieces for my friends silver at a yard sale for ten cents each. Had she reciprocated with a very expensive gift I would have felt guilty about having her give me that when I spent only sixty cents. Treat it as what it is a lovely thoughtful kind gift. Send a thank you note give her holiday cookies and consider that she has done a nice thing.

  2. Jody

    Chocobo, I would go ahead & give the gift you’d planned, along with a nice note thanking your coworker for her gift and letting her know how much you appreciate it. To me, homemade gifts are always a good present and your worker will (I think) appreciate the effort you put into it. You should never worry that your gift isn’t “enough.”

  3. Tim Dunn

    Regarding a formal business or event invitation on which the company or organization’s logo is included at the top of the invitation – if the copy then says that NAME, president or chairman invites you to such and such an event, it seems unnecessary to include the company’s name again after the NAME, prsident or chairman. It would seem implied that NAME, president is, indeed, the president of that organization. Thank you.

  4. Tina

    I would like to know how to address an envelope to a newly married couple when the female has kept her maiden name. Anyone?

  5. Bruce Boccardy

    Say, what is the proper way to address holiday cards when there are children living at home…sometimes several. Thank you.

    • Alicia

      The Smith Family
      123 some road
      City, ST

      Mr and Mrs Smith
      Miss Sarah Smith
      Mr John Smith
      Miss Jane Smith
      Master Joe Smith
      123 Some Street
      City, ST

      If you do the individual names it is oldest to youngest of the kids and a boy under 13 is called master.

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