1. Robyn Dudas

    My fiance’s first wife is deceased. Her parents are very involved in our lives, they introduce me as their future daughter-in-law and consider my children their grandchildren. How do I list them in our wedding program?

  2. Pauline Gilbert

    My son lives and is getting married in New Orleans 6/23/13. Is is proper to invite guests you know won’t be able to attend due to financial reasons?

    • Jody

      Pauline — I’d say yes, it’s proper to invite them. You never know, they might be able to attend after all. It’s better to give them the chance to accept or decline, than to make that choice for them and cause ill feelings.
      The eldest daughter of some very close neighbors got married several years ago. My sister asked if I’d been invited (I was living several hundred miles from my family) and when I said “no,” my sister asked the bride because the rest of my family had been invited. The bride’s family said “we didn’t invite her because we knew she couldn’t come.” It didn’t bother me, but it bothered the rest of my family and the friendship wasn’t the same after that.

  3. Alicia

    It is proper to invite anyone whom it is sincerely wished would attend. Leave it up to them to decide if they can and will attend but absolutely invite those that are sincerely wished to attend. Do not decide for your guests that is the point of the invitation.

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