1. Carolyn

    Wedding Invitation Etiquette Question – How Do I Word the Invitation?
    I am getting married in a Catholic Chapel in 2013 in the Florida Keys! My parents will be paying for the reception which will be 42% of the total costs.
    Prior to the wedding, we will be having a 2-hour boat cruise and a wedding rehearsal dinner. His parents are divorced, and each giving different amounts of money. His Mom is giving 17% of total costs, and his father is contributing 10%.

    How do you recommend handling the wording of the invitation? My parents will be handling the reception costs, so I am thinking it should be kept more traditional. Any help is appreciated!

    • Elizabeth

      There are those who argue that the ‘host’ of the wedding is unrelated to whoever is paying for the wedding. However, if both sets of parents feel that they are contributing and want to be listed as hosts on the invitation – why not? It’s not any less elegant to say: (for example, there are a lot of ways to do it)

      Jane and John Smith,
      along with Jessica Jones and Robert Jack
      invite you to witness the union of their children
      Carolyn Smith
      and Alan Jack

      The percentages are not really important. (and that’s amazing that you even KNOW the percentages to that level of accuracy!) Have your and the groom’s parents expressed any kind of opinion here? Does your fiance have an opinion? It’s better to err on the side of inclusivity if you think that feelings will be hurt. Weddings are funded and hosted in so many ways nowadays – the appeal of tradition is pretty low, in my opinion, especially in this kind of case.

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