1. Joanna

    Seriously?? Why is this even a legit question? If you’re planning an event for – theoretically, if everyone brought a guest – 50 people, minimum, you can’t include an extra 6 people? As it is, I’m sure that not everyone will bring another person, so basically, it would all even out at the end.

    Where’s the holiday spirit of generosity?

  2. Julia

    I’ve been that temporary worker who has not been invited – I’ve even been that temporary worker who was asked to set up/clean up, but not actually attend. And it makes you feel absolutely ROTTEN and not a little humiliated.

  3. Brockwest

    I had heard of temps before, but it wasn’t until I got to know one socially that I was horrified how society treats them as non-people. MANY companies hire temps for as long as a year, with zero benefits…no annual leave, no sick leave, no insurance, no parking, …they don’t even get paid if Christmas falls on a week-day.
    My friend worked for a giant corporation as a temp, faithfully for almost a year with no benefits. Christmas came and they rolled in a huge cart loaded with giant turkeys for all the employees…..except her. Ouch.
    If your finances can handle it, please consider inviting any workers if you are inviting almost all the workers.

  4. Joyce

    Absolutely guest employees should be included. I have a person who takes over for me when I am away from my employment. Because of her, I know I can be gone without worry. I am thrilled when she is included by my supervisor in our entertainment affairs.

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