1. I met my boyfriend online and we’ve been together for 6 months. I’m still young enough for online dating to be a fairly taboo subject, but instead of getting embarrassed, I say something like the above statement, or make a small joke out of it (the recent State Farm commercial with the “French” model always makes for a laugh). You could even say exactly what you said in your question: you did it for a laugh, but now the laugh is on you!

    There’s is absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of. And wouldn’t you rather say you met a great guy online than some stranger you picked up during a wild night out?

  2. Nina

    This is such an interesting conversation! I live in a large multicultural city and online dating is not taboo at all. I have at least half a dozen friends who are married to folks they met online–probably more, if I thought hard about it. Elizabeth L. is right–if most people aren’t embarrassed about meeting a partner in a bar (and most aren’t, nor should they be–I did!) they shouldn’t be embarrassed about meeting someone on the internet either.

    In university, we had a saying, “You see the same guys at the library as at the party!” They’re on “OK Cupid,” too!

  3. Brockwest

    I met my wife on-line, as it’s basically the only place singles meet these days. All the social clubs of my youth have dried up from lack of participation because of the force of on-line dating.
    I, too, feel a tad awkward explaining to people who haven’t had to live through the internet dating era that I met my wife on-line, so I say we met on-line, then add the explanation that it’s the main way of meeting people today as opposed to previously.
    So I’ve told the truth, but given an explanation of the uninitiated.

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