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  1. Brockwest

    Not everyone is even aware of what servers consider proper etiquette. Servers don’t like snapping fingers, whistling and the like. Years ago I got severely chastised by a bartender for whistling in a very noisy crowded bar when I couldn’t get his attention, not knowing it was not considered allowable by servers.
    In this circumstance, I think it would be fine to quietly tell your friend that servers have a list of things they don’t like, including snapping and whistling. It’s more of an informative thing than a declaration of etiquette faux pas, so I think it’s proper.
    I HAVE been out with a snob with snapped and called “HERE BOY” to the Manager. That time I kept quiet, but went back the next night alone, to apologize for my friend’s behavior and made sure that friend got deleted from my “go-to-dinner” list.

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